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David Nyheim (Managing Partner)


David is the Chief Executive of ECAS and Managing Partner.  He is also the Chairman of INCAS Consulting Ltd. (Malta).  He has extensive experience in dialogue process design and facilitation, stabilisation strategy development, early warning and risk assessment, and work on armed violence reduction. Prior to joining ECAS, he served for six years as the Director of the Forum for Early Warning and Early Response (FEWER) and held several policy and research positions in the European Commission and universities (Belgium and United Kingdom). As a consultant, David has worked for governments, United Nations agencies, and corporations in the North Caucasus, West and East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. He is trained in political science (McGill), public health (Louvain and LSHTM), and economics (London School of Economics). Based in Malta, David is fluent in English, French, Norwegian, and Italian; and proficient in Spanish.



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David-Nyheim Anton-Ivanov

Anton Ivanov (Managing Partner)


Anton is an ECAS Managing Partner and heads up our work in the CIS countries. He has consulted with Shell, BP, TNK-BP, UK and German governments as well as intergovernmental organisations on a range of projects such as reputation management and external stakeholder engagement in business, reconstruction and development analysis in the government sector, and community engagement and grassroots dialogue for conflict prevention in the nongovernmental sector. Anton received his PhD in social anthropology from IEA-RAS in 1996. Based in Moscow, Anton is fluent in English and Russian.

Donata Garrasi (Managing Partner)


Donata is an ECAS Managing Partner. She is a political scientist who specialises in political economy analysis, and policy and programme design and implementation in crisis affected contexts.  Donata has worked over the last twenty years with leading international organisations, including the United Nations, the UK Government Department for International Development and Stabilisation Unit, and the World Bank in transitional countries in Africa and Asia. Her key expertise is in crisis prevention and stabilisation strategies and support to political transitions. Donata is currently working on new approaches to promote business and investment in crisis-affected areas in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa region. Based in Milan, she is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Emmanuelle Diehl (Managing Partner)


Emmanuelle is an ECAS Managing Parnter and consults for a range of organizations, including UNODC, Arab League, Rio Tinto Plc, BG Group Plc, Dalberg Global Development Advisors, and the London Business School.  Her areas of work in fragile and conflict-affected countries include corporate social performance, employment generation, conflict analysis and impact assessment, gender and youth issues.  She sits on several non-profit boards focused on youth empowerment and inter-cultural dialogue in Egypt. She holds MAs in international security studies, public administration and international relations, and BAs in public administration and international law.  Based in Cairo, Emmanuelle is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and is proficient in Arabic.


Currun Singh (Managing Partner)


Currun is an ECAS Managing Partner and an expert on prison reforms, armed groups, and organized crime. He has extensive experience living and working internationally, including in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and India. As the Libya country director for the World Organization Against Torture, he led a nationwide campaign to document hundreds of cases of torture and bring detention centers under civilian control. Currun has also conducted in-depth research on Somali piracy and militant Islamism, and published his findings in The New York Times and academic journals. He earned his BA in Social Studies from Harvard University, an MA in Governance & Democracy from the Institute of Social Studies – The Hague, and an MA in Peace & Security from the Barcelona Institute of International Studies. Based in Tunis, Currun speaks English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Hindi.