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Comparative Advantage

The comparative advantage of ECAS Consulting lies in its people, in its application of expertise, in its strong networks with governmental, institutional, donor community and business partners, and in its mode of operation.


People Getting the right mix of experts is the key to successful project implementation. ECAS draws together consultants who have proven, hands-on expertise of the issues at hand, the ability to work fast and cooperatively under pressure, an insider understanding of the needs and perspective of our clients, and the capacity to deliver excellent products on time. We ensure that we put together the right team for each project, with the right mix of experience, leadership, and competence to achieve our clients’ objectives. Between them, our partners and associates have over a century of experience of work on conflict and security issues in government, multilateral agencies, corporations and in the non-profit sector.


Networks Our experience in Europe, North Africa, Middle East – and through sister companies in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific - has enabled us to create strong networks in these regions. Our field-level networks enable us to access the “ground truth” in our operating environment. We also have built robust and high-level political networks in many countries.  These two network capabilities are arguably our most important assets and, together with our expertise, enable us to deliver well on complex and delicate assignments.


Mode of Operation As a network-based company, we can access diverse thematic or regional expertise at short notice. Institutional alliances and a focus on working collaboratively according to comparative advantage enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. As a network of paid-per-assignment experts, we can deploy specific expertise to task.  We don’t have to adjust the task to suit the expertise of paid staff.  We place particular emphasis on the need to “peer-review” our work by leading independent experts. As a rule, we include such processes in our project design to guarantee the quality of our products. We also draw heavily on new technology to manage and analyse information, and for communication purposes.



What others say

"ECAS provides golden advice. Often of strategic business importance, this advice is based on excellent connections in-country, is grounded and accurate."

- Senior executive - Shell International

Comparative Advantage  |  Our Clients

"ECAS consultants have consistently delivered on time and to the quality requirements we have.  They show the necessary flexibility and insight required to work effectively in difficult contexts."

- Senior advisor - UNDP

“ECAS consultants are good at working in socially and politically complex environments, and have been useful to me in advising me in developing corporate strategies in Azerbaijan, where we were building new oil & gas development projects during a politically sensitive time in the Caspian region”

- Senior executive - British Petroleum

"I'd like to recognise the great work that ECAS continues to produce.  We will certainly be in touch with further opportunities  from our side."

- Senior executive - Rio Tinto