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Climate Risk Management

Climate change poses significant socioeconomic and security risks, ranging from conflict over depleting resources such as land, water, food, and fish stocks, border disputes caused by receding coastlines, environmentally-induced migration, increased state fragility, and tensions over energy supplies.


Our expertise on climate risk management is primarily in facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes and risk management in the climate change-security interface.


Multi-stakeholder process facilitation


We facilitate multi-stakeholder processes on adaptation and management of natural resources.  Here our comparative advantage is in the mediation/facilitation skills and local knowledge/networks of members of our national technical platforms.  We combine these skills, knowledge and networks with tailored stakeholder dialogue process design based on our work in Russia, Central Asia, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.


Climate change-security risk management


We generate the evidence base for the climate change-security interface at sub-regional and sub-national levels, and develop climate risk management strategies.  These strategies combine security risk assessment methods/ data with climate change impact data and involve geographical information systems and scenario-planning to assess the risks. We then work with clients and partners to manage these risks.


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