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Analysis and Evaluation

We carry out a range of analyses for our clients. These include conflict analyses, political economy analyses, fragility assessments, human rights risk assessments, and impact assessments.  We believe that the best analyses draw on a solid understanding of realities on-the-ground, robust methodology, and balanced (and seasoned) judgment.  We also make sure that our reports are peer-reviewed and edited; good analysis, in our books, involves precise and clear language.  


In terms of evaluations, we are practitioner evaluators.  This means we focus on evaluations of programmes or projects that we understand from a practice-perspective.  We also believe in adapting OECD/DAC and Value for Money methods to the specificities of what is to be evaluated.  Over the years, we have carried out programme-, sector-, value for money-, institutional-, and strategic evaluations for a range of clients.  See our publications for samples of publicly available evaluations.

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